About Us

NO DAYS OFF™ is more than a saying, it’s a mindset.

Our brand embodies the definition of determination and intends to ignite the spark of self-motivation we all possess deep within. NO DAYS OFF™ is unique in that, its meaning can be specified to every individual. That is, no matter the age, gender or race, any goal is attainable through hard work, determination and grit.

Story behind the brand

The movement began when Chaz returned home to Antigua from his very first year of college. He gained over 25 pounds, was teased and became insecure about himself. After watching his friends play the basketball finals in their local league, he was determined to get back in shape. While he started working out on the court, he met a 15-year old village boy who loved the game of basketball but lacked the self-confidence and courage to play. They quickly grew a bond with each other and decided to work out together. More kids from the village joined in on the workouts after seeing Cohen’s improvement. No Days Off became their mantra and the inspiration spread like wild fire throughout the island.

Chaz and his partner Shayna, wanted to create a way for these young athletes to externally represent their internal mindset and No Days Off Apparel Inc. was founded two months later in November 2019.